Actress Katerina Moutsatsos Returns to Istanbul to Take Part in New Film

Greek actress Katerina Moutsatsou will soon travel to Istanbul. The reason for this trip is that she is going to take part in a new film.


The Greek actress, who has for long lived in Los Angeles, is expected to leave the USA for a while and travel to Turkey. For almost ten years, Mrs Katerina Moutsatsos was taking part in several Turkish TV series and movies and became really famous in Greece’s neighboring country.

A few months ago, Katerina Moutsatsos released a video entitled “I am Hellene” which caused great reactions to Greeks living all over the globe while recently she made another one called “Ode to Lost Joy.” Both of these refer to Greece’s bad financial status criticizing the image presented abroad about the country’s situation.

The Greek actress is planning to star in a big Greek-Turkish movie. Moutsatsos speaks Turkish fluently and her Turkish colleagues like her a lot.

Katerina Moutsatsos moved to L.A. in 2007. Since then, she has participated in the successful Hollywood comedy “Hangover” while also starring in “Kill the Habit” movie. She is the producer and leading actress in the latest “Loverly” movie which deals with relationship between men and women.