Three ministers resign amid anti-graft probe

Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Guler, Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan and Turkey's Environment Minister Erdogan Bayraktar resigned on Wednesday amid an ongoing anti-corruption probe.

Turkey's Environment and Urbanization Minister Erdogan Bayraktar has resigned from his posts as parliamentarian and minister.

Speaking to NTV channel on the phone on Wednesday, Bayraktar announced his resignation from both posts.

Ministry sources also confirmed Bayraktar's resignation

- Guler and Caglayan resigned early in the day as well

Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Guler and Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan resigned on Wednesday morning amid an ongoing anti-corruption probe.

Caglayan was the first to annonce his resignation, calling the December 17 operation "a clear setup" against the government, AK Party and country.

"I resign from my post in order to let the truth be revealed and to undermine attempts to defame my colleagues and my son," said Caglayan, whose son was among those arrested within the scope of the investigation.

Half an hour later, Internal Affairs Minister Guler declared his resignation, which he said had been offered a week ago.

"I had offered my resignation to Prime Minister on December 17; today I have submitted it in written form," Guler told AA.

"In order to reveal the truths and spoil this ugly game which my son has also been dragged into, I have offered my resignation to the Prime Minister," he said, referring to the operation launched on December 17

The Istanbul-based operation led to the arrest of two dozen of high-profile bureaucrats and businessmen, including the sons of Ministers Guler and Caglayan and the head of the state-run lender Halkbank.  (AA)